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Minor Signs of the Day of Judgment

Minor signs of the Day of Judgment or the Last Hour according to authentic Ahadith.

1. The Prophet Hood of Muhammad SAWS.
2. The Death of Muhammad SAWS,
3. The opening/ conquest of Jerusalem during the Caliphate of Umar ibn al-Khattab
4. A Death which will eat away – Ie. This is a reference to Plague; this occurred in the 18th year Anno-Hijra, 640 of the Common Era. This plague occurred in Syria, took approx. 25,000 lives including many Companions of Rasul ALLAH SAWS. Dying of plague is a form of martyrdom.
5. The abundance of wealth; a man would be handed 100 dinars and would view it as little. This happened to a certain extent in the time of Umar ibn al-Khattab R.A and Umar ibn abdl-Azziz. However, we may see this in larger extent during the time of the return of Jesus A.S. (Esa)
6. The prevalence of trials/tribulations.

  • Civil war within the Muslim State, the assassination of Utthman ibn Affan R.A, The assassination of Umar ibn al-Khattab, the Kharijites, Ali ibn Abi Talib R.A. & Muhawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan, the Mongol Invasions, the segmentation of the Caliphate into many in Baghdad, one in Egypt, and one in Spain.

7. The growth of false prophets, Musaylama al Kathab in Yamamah & Aswad al-Ansee in Sana, Yemen (during the lifetime of Rasul ALLAH), Mirza Gulam Ahmad and the Qadyyani/ Ahmadi movement which began in the 19th century, Rashad Khalifah in the 20th century.
8. The spread of peace.
9. A time will come when the land of the Arabs from the Arabian Peninsula to Iraq will be full of rivers and a traveler will have no fear, except for getting lost.
10. Battles with the Turks; and you will find these very Turks entering the religion of Islam. “Rasul ALLAH SAWS stated that the “best of you in Ignorance (Jayilliyah) will be the best of you in Islam. The Turks became great defenders of Islam (ie Ottoman Empire)

11. The Loss of Trust; when authority is given to those who don’t deserve it; to those who do not have clarity of mind.
12. The lack/ loss of knowledge, ignorance of Religious matters will be the norm. The death of the religious and learned men will lead to this ignorance. People will approach ignorant individuals for verdicts (fatwas) which would mislead the people and mislead themselves.
13. The growth of security forces; the ones who are oppressing the people. They leave with the wrath of ALLAH in the morning and come back with the wrath of ALLAH in the night. These are security forces that are protecting rulers. One must stay away from them.
14. Fornication and Adultery (Zina) will prevail. When this occurs, diseases previously unknown will prevail. The last hour will not come until a man will approach a woman to sleep with her in the road, openly and the best of the individuals will merely ask them to go behind a wall or partition.
15. The spread of Usury (Ribah)
16. Competition in the building of Mosques (Masajid)
17. The barefoot, poor, shepherds of goat and sheep are competing in the building of towers.
18. The Slave Woman gives birth to her owner. This could mean that children behave rudely to their parents; whereby the dynamic becomes one of slave (mother) to slave master (child).
19. Bloodshed spreads.
20. The Shrinking of Time. This could be a physical shrinking of time and also that time has lost it’s respective blessing. Ie 24hrs in a day is not enough for us to do all the things we want.
21. The proximity of Markets.
22. The Spread of Trade.
23. The appearance of Shirk in the Ummah; grave worship, ancestor worship
24. Earthquakes.
25. Sinking, Stoning, Transformation into Animals.
26. The Rise of the Low (low class in religion); the liar will be believed, the truthful will not, and the lowly amongst society will speak for the masses and would accompany positions of power and influence. The wicked will hold positions of honor and respect.
27. Relaying salaams only on people a person’s knows or is acquainted with.
28. Women who are dressed, but naked; and their heads are like the humps of a camel. They will not enter Paradise; they will not even smell the scent of Paradise.
29. In the future, men of the Ummah will be sitting on wide saddles that are similar to Camels (Cars); and their respective wives are dressed but naked. A curse is on both.
30. The True Dreams for the Believers. Dreams are 1/46 of Prophet Hood. For example, Rasul ALLAH SAWS experience true dreams for 6 months, and then received Revelation for 20 years. The ratio of 6 months to 20 years is 1/46.
31. The spread of Print. Written material prior to Guttenberg’s printing press (ie. The Guttenberg Bible) was scarce.
32. The Expansion of the Moon’s Crescent.
33. Lies and fabrications in the Religion. The rise of imposters who fabricate the Religion. It is important to verify issues relating to the Religion; rather than following blindly.
34. The release of the devils from the Oceans; previously jailed by Sulayman A.S. They approach people and recite things which appear from the Religion, but it is misguidance.
35. The growth of False Witnesses and the concealment of True Witnesses; the erosion of Justice.
36. The number of women will increase and the number of men will decrease to a point where there will be 50 women for 1 man.
37. Sudden Death. (ie. the prevalence of Heart Attacks and Strokes)
38. Hostility between people. Individuals’ relationships will be built on interests of the World as opposed to interests in what ALLAH has deemed as lawful and unlawful.
39. The Arabian Peninsula becomes lush gardens with flowing rivers again.
40. Abundant rain but no growth of vegetation.
41. The Euphrates River will recede and uncovers a mountain of gold. Rasul ALLAH SAWS stated for us not to touch it. People fight over this gold and out of every 100 people 99 will be killed; with each of them saying they will be safe.
42. Animals and objects will speak.
43. The desire of dying.
44. The population of the Romans increases; the Day of Judgment would occur and the Romans (Europeans, North Americans) would be the most populace nation.
45. The battles with the Romans.
46. The opening of Constantinople/ Istanbul. 70 thousand from the descendants of Ishaq (Romans who are Muslims), will say La Illaha il ALLAH wa ALLAH o AKBAR three times and the walls of Constantinople/ Istanbul will fall down.
47. A ruler from Qhataan (Arabs from Yemen, who are descended from Qhataan). He will be a Caliph. (Khalifah)
48. The war with Al Yahood.
49. Al Madinah expelling the evil. Individuals will call out their relatives to accompany them exiting out of Madinah. They will exit because of the lure of a life of luxury. Rasul ALLAH states that ALLAH will replace everyone leaving Madinah with a person better than the one exiting. “Madinah is a furnace that separates the good from the bad” –Rasul ALLAH SAWS. Also in the time of ad-Dajjal, Madinah would shake three times and al the disbelievers and hypocrites would exit Madinah.
50. A blessed wind taking the soul of the believers. ALLAH will send a wind from Yemen, softer than silk to take souls of those who have a grain’s worth of faith.
51. The destruction of the Ka’abah. The Abyssinians will come under the command of Dhus al-Qhutayn (the one with skinny legs) He will destroy the Ka’abah brick by brick.

52. Al Mahdi.

  • Sent during a time of dispute in the Ummah
  • A time of many Earthquakes
  • Will replace with the oppression and injustice of the world with justice
  • Will be from the family of the Prophet (his name will be either Muhammad ibn Abdullah or Ahmad ibn Abdullah), descended from Fatima bint Muhammad ( SAWS) ibn Abdullah
  • The dwellers of the Earth and the Heavens (the angels) will be pleased with him.
  • He will distribute wealth equitably.
  • He will announce “who wants money” and nobody will take it; due to the prosperity which will exist.

Signs of the Last Day – Abdur-Raheem Green

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  1. M Khan says: - reply

    If you think that you will die and that is the end of it then wait till you read this. You will be surprised to learn that the religious
    contention that man will rise from the grave is not just a myth or wishful thinking but is based on real scientific principles. Rising up
    from the grave and coming back alive can happen simply with the reversal of time.

    The world (but not the universe) can end because of earthquake, tsunami, meteor strike, nuclear war, supernova, and some other
    natural or man made disaster. These are however just local ends that have nothing to do with The Day of Judgment. End will also not
    happen on any arbitrary date like December 2012. The end of the universe is an entirely different phenomenon that is built into the
    laws of the universe by the creator. The contraction of the universe with reversal of time and gravity will commence the beginning of the
    end which will last for thousands and possibly millions of years. We will be removed from the regressing effects of reversed time as we
    come back alive in our own time. We will the be taken across many dimensions to beyond this universe. A beautiful natural
    mechanism that is based on the laws of physics will cause all that to happen. This real end has nothing to do with wishful thinking and
    predictions of priests or shamans.