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Islam and polygamy in brief

Muslims are often accused of being promiscuous because polygamy is legal in Islaam.

# Islaam did not introduce polygamy. Unrestricted polygamy practiced in most human societies throughout the world in every age. Islaam regulated polygamy by limiting the number of wives and establishing responsibility in its practice.

# Monogamy of the West inherited from Greece and Rome where men were restricted by law to one wife but were free to have as many mistresses among the majority slave population as they wished. In the West today, most married men have extramarital relations with mistresses, girlfriends and prostitutes.
Consequently the Western claim to monogamy is false.

# Monogamy illogical. If a man wishes to have a second wife whom he takes care of and whose children carry his name and he provides for he is considered a criminal, bigamist, who may be sentenced to years in jail. However, if he has numerous mistresses and illegitimate children his relation is considered legal.

By Dr. Bilal Philips

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  1. Mamun says: - reply

    Good one! I would like to point out that monogamy is unnatural. Science is proving that non-monogamy is natural to human being.